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Taraji Kilimanjaro
After 10 years of incredible success, Eben re-invented and renamed his company in 2012! Read below...

Eben Schoeman is very well-known and respected on Kilimanjaro! He is an innovator who in 2003 changed the way trekkers viewed the whole trekking experience; by training his teams to make cultural immersion a crucial component of each trek, he elevated the roles of each member of the mountain crew and for the first time ever the porters and guides had a true identity!

Clients were encouraged to interact with Eben's teams, to learn Kiswahili and the Maa language, to join the porters in the crew tents and to invite the engaging young men into the mess tent for card games, singing and happy story telling!

The immediate effect was near 100% summit success rates because his clients were so engaged with their trekking experiences they did not have time to let their minds wander into negative thinking! 60% of the trek effort is mental and by overcoming fear and anxiety, Eben's teams achieved a 100% summit success record in 2004  - an incredible feat with more than 125 happy clients of all shapes, sizes and nationalities!   

Word-of-mouth marketing by his clients (Eben never paid for an ad) resulted in rapid growth and, as is often the case when companies find success, increasing competition trying to copy his winning formula!  

Ever the innovator, in late 2012 Eben totally re-invented his company and immediately set new standards and a very high bar on Kilimanjaro with exciting new routes, amazingly comfortable walk-in 4-season tents and 4 price options ranging from value-conscious treks to the most exclusive service on the mountain!

Eben's company is now called Taraji Kilimanjaro - Taraji means HOPE, and it represents Eben's vision to uplift the lives of his Maasai team, their families and the Maasai Joy Children's Center (started by Eben's mountain guide Ernest in 2006, financially supported by Eben and our clients - and now an ever-stronger beacon of light in a poor Maasai community outside Arusha in Tanzania). 

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For the thousands of clients who, since 2003, booked their treks with Eben (and Carol) Schoeman, here is a nostalgic look at the historic timeline of his incredible ride to success on Kilimanjaro!

Sept 2003 - Eben successfully climbed Kilimanjaro's Machame Route (6 days), but because of a bad experience decided to create his own company to do better. He registers Ferris & Schoeman, LLC in Virginia, USA!

Jan 2004 - Eben's first domain name is registered as www.go-kili.com and the first logo appears! He has to move fast, the first bookings arrived and there was little time to focus on a pretty website!

Aug 2004 - By this time the website has improved and Eben introduces F&S Kiliwarrior to the world! Still not a masterpiece but effective and we were generating a lot of interest!

Feb 2005 - Eben begins to market the brand Kiliwarriors by registering the domain name 

Jan 2006 - Carol Schoeman joins our company! As a Director in the Human Resources department of a large publicly-traded company, Carol brought many years of customer service experience to our growing company and suddenly we were elevated from being an exciting trekking outfitter to a truly service-oriented international company.

Feb 2006 - In Virginia, Ferris & Schoeman, LLC is officially registered to do business as (DBA) Kiliwarrior Expeditions! 

Apr 2006 - Eben introduces the world to www.kiliwarriors.com (his new website) and a new logo! For the next 4 years both go-kili.com and kiliwarriors.com existed side-by-side - attracting a growing number of new clients. 

Apr 2008 - Eben designs and sells the first Warriorwear (tm) logo and our shirts became very popular - every batch sold out quick! 

Kiliwarrior Shirt - copyright Eben Schoeman
Copyright: Eben Schoeman - www.tarajikilimanjaro.com
Dec 2010 - Eben decides to retire www.go-kili.com and www.kiliwarriors.com becomes his dedicated website for Kilimanjaro and Eben Schoeman Safaris.

Jan 2011 - Eben begins a series of website redesigns and introduces a new image to compliment the Kiliwarriors and Kiliwarrior Expeditions designs.

Dec 2012 - Eben changes his company name to Taraji Kilimanjaro and introduces www.tarajikilimanjaro.com to the world!

 Click here to enter Eben's new Kilimanjaro website and discover the most innovative trek options for hikers of all ages and budgets!